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The Trend Setter in schooling...

The Sri Rasi Vinayaga (The SRV) Higher Secondary School is functioning under the auspices of Lord Sri Venkateswara educational Trust, a registered body at Rasipuram, Namakkal District. This is a purely self financing school run by its own funds generated by the Trust.

The school was started in 1996 as a Co-education school based on our best experience in the field of education in general and our excellence with professional courses Entrance Coaching and our popularity among the student community and the society in particular. Now it remains an “All Girls residential cum day school”.

Divinity and Tranquility...

"The SRV" Girls Higher Secondary School is named after the Lord "Sri Rasi Vinayaga", the main Deity of the Sri Rasi Vinayagar Temple located at the centre of the school premises.

When steps into this temple one will feel a sense of inspiration, a mind with power of concentration and a power of will.

...There is no enough darkness in the whole
world to put out the light of a single lamp...
Safety Ensured ...

The School is located at Salem main Road (Near Lions Club Kalyana Mandapam) Over a sprawling area of 12 acres in a green and serene atmosphere. The Rajagopurams of the Historical Sri Kailasanathar Temple and Sri Ponvaradharaja Perumal Temple on the Eastern and Southern sides respectively, Alavoymalai on the western side and Bodhamalai on the Northern side form the majestic backdrops to S.R.V. Girls Campus.

The location in the heart of the town and construction style ensure high profile of safety to the girl students apart from easy access to the town and its advantages.

  :: Our Team  
SRV Girls Hr. Sec. School

SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School
            M.Sc., M.Ed., (Maths)
SRV Girls Hr.Sec.School

Secretary and
Managing Trustee

SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School.
          M.A., M.Ed., (Zoology)
SRV Girls Hr. Sec. School

SRV Excel Mat.Hr. Sec.School.
        M.Com., M.Phil., M.Ed.,
Lord Sri Venkateswara Educational Trust

SRV Girls Hr.Sec.School

SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School.
                  M.B.B.S., D.C.H.,
Managing Trustee
SRV Girls Hr. Sec. School

SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School.
         M.Sc., B.Ed., (Physics)
Head Master
SRV Girls Hr.Sec.School

School Committee,

SRV Excel Mat. Hr. Sec. School.
The founder Trustee and Founder President of SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram during the first seven years.

An industrialist and an agriculturist popular among all sections of the society

The infrastructure of the schools is his Architecture. A co-ordinator of his “Co-workers”

One of the main founder Directors of SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram.

A reputed and renowned teacher of maths for more than 3 decades.

Served as a popular teacher of Maths in various Govt HSS of this Region.

Besides being a significant part of the SRV Entrance coaching Team Rasipuram, he is the maths Teacher to thousands of Engineering graduates of the state and abroad.

One of the main founders of SRV Co-Edn Schools, Rasipuram in 1996.

A reputed and renowned teacher of Biology for more than 40 years.

Served as a popular Headmaster in the Govt Higher Sec. Schools. Having been the Key person of the SRV Entrance Coaching Centre of Rasipuram since 1985, he is the Biology Teacher to thousands of SRV Made Doctors of our state.

He is the best administrator of school, an efficient guide of teachers, and an excellent motivator of students.

Having more than 40 years of experience in teaching makes him to teach even the second generation students.

One of the main founder Directors of SRV Co-Edn school, Rasipuram.

Having been a famous teacher for more than 3 decades he has served in various HSS of the state and is known for his humane approach towards various section of students. He is not only a good teacher but also a master of dietetics by experience, taking care of the Boarding Houses of students.

The FounderTrustee and The Founder Secretary and Correspondent of the SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram.

He was the secretary and correspondent of the school during the first seven years.

As a senior pediatrician for more than 35 years, he understands children (Students) well and the parents and the teachers even better.

A reputed, renowned and experienced teacher of physics for more than 3 decades.

He is with SRV Schools for more than 13 years as Head Master of the Co-Edn SRV, SRV Boys and SRV GHSS. He is a good friend to students, teachers and parents. He stays within the school campus in the quarters rendering round the clock service to the students.

He has wide teaching experience in the CBSE stream & Entrance Coaching classes. He is HM to thousands of SRV Made Doctors and Engineers.

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